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Currently the following roles are available in Dorset Area.

- Area Secretary. You may be aware that Dorset Area of the Ramblers does not currently have an Area Secretary although some help from The Ramblers is keeping the committee going. Dorset Area is therefore actively recruiting a volunteer for the post. It is an interesting, varied and satisfying role, and would suit someone who enjoys a bit of admin work, or following through an enquiry/directing it to the relevant volunteer, and on to a satisfactory conclusion. It could open up new avenues for you, and spark an interest you didn’t know you had!

The role involves working closely with the Area Chairman in preparing Area Council meetings, and taking the Minutes of those meetings. To apply, please email the .

- Jubilee Trail Co-ordinator/Administrator. As you will be aware, the Jubilee Trail was put on the map by the Dorset Area of the Ramblers to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Ramblers Association. Rosemary Bramah was the coordinator of ‘all things Jubilee Trail’, and until her untimely death in December 2021 was overseeing the change of management to a slightly different form. We in Dorset are indebted to Rosemary and her monitors and supporters who have done a tremendous job, which we will continue, and are now looking for a volunteer to undertake the role. (There will be no requirement to attend meetings – although visitors are welcome to observe Area meetings!)

- Web Master. This role involves the Dorset Area of the Ramblers website, which you are looking at now, two subsidiary websites and the Dorset page on the Ramblers' website. We need someone who can manage all aspects of the websites. We also need a website editor, a role that could be undertaken by the Web Master.